Ein ganz großes Danke schön!

Help old people in Africa  we will tell you how this is possible

At this point we would like to express our sincerely gratitute to those who supported us in the past 2 months so actively and generously in our actions. From games evening, benefit concert to our Ghanaian snack at the International Begegnungsfest it was an exhausting, but also beautiful time. Our goal, we are thus again a good deal closer. Currently we are waiting for the most accurate quote for the roof of the day care center. In the meantime, it was possible again to send  a whole lot of care tools to our partners including 7 hospital beds and wheelchairs and diverse. More material is still waiting in the warehouse on its consignment. Furthermore, we were able to make contact to two persons / organizations, who are committed to the care of the elderly in Africa, more specifically Uganda. These are firstly the Help for old people in Uganda, as well as the Nyumba ya Wazee seniors home, which is managed from Belgium. We are excited about this growth.


Invitation for our 3rd games evening

Help old people in Africa we tell you how this is possible!

Next dates:

On April 11 from 18:00 clock will finally come back a game night (Activity).                Location is as usual the Heinz Doerks house in the Joachimstr. 10-12, Bonn                       

Find here the detailed invitation: Einladung Spieleabend

Some pictures taken during construction:

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Activitys 2012

Dezember 2012

Impressions Christmas Market 2012

current pictures from the contruction site in Wenchi

September 2012

Time once again to deliver a status report: After returning from Ghana we really had to take a brake. Then management work was the top priority: The first year of association activity was over, so it was necessary tp provide our profit balance and tax declaration to get three additional years of tax exemption and the status of a non profit organisation. This has been attested to us in early June and so we were then able to act again.
On 5 June wore the contacts to Help Age International fruits. As part of the event’s
series “The whole world is getting older,” we were able to present ourselves and our work in Koenigswinter. Over two hours, followed by a round table discussion of 15 people. For us a new and exciting experience. New sources of income could be set up by joining in the fundraising platform Boost Project (link can be found in Contacts) and the search engine benefind (www.benefind.de), using internally Bing. Here, everyone who wants to support us, without using own finances, is kindly invites to do so.
Last weekend we participated in the exhibition “Africa is also in Bremen” in order to
to make us known nationwide. This was a nice event with many new contacts.
Three priorities determine the rest of the year. Here locally, we need a storage room,
because we want to continue to accept donated nursing aids. Next, its
Christie Yeboahs task of drawing up a plan for an elderly day care leave. Finally, for next year we wil plan to conduct a tour with a small group of experts to Ghana
with the mission to educate caring and interested members. Who is interested in participating can feel free to contact us.

Easter 2012

Just in time for easter, we are again back from Ghana. The landing of our container
was a nerve-wracking, experience-rich matter. Thank God, finally successful, everything reached in Wenchi in good state, but unfortunately we had to pay additional storage costs and rent due to strike by dock workers in Belgium and problems with the Ghanaian VAT Fortunately, we had a sufficient financial funds and beyond, we could find a less expensive truck for further transport, than those who had been tendered to us first, so that finally some money for the toilet construction and the nursing staff had left. With our partners we have the award procedures of the donations and the other approach discussed in our work. In addition, we were able to conversations with the German Embassy, the MP of Wenchi District and Help Age Ghana lead have given us the impetus for our work. This is also the issue of just fund raising site. Similarly, it has been shown that we shpuld be very soon in the planning of a day care center should enter. This is very important to all involved. The plot of this is indeed available. Another finding is that we do something for the training of family caregivers. Finally, we were able to continue building office and warehouse.


Impressions of the Ghana Journey

Bilder vom Container umladen in Tema Besuch bei HelpAgeGhana
Bei Mr. Botwe im Methodist Hospital Wenchi
Mit Dr. Saku von EMIL Hospital Wenchi Büro und Lagerraum

February 2012

thus, the container is packed and put in place. Many thanks to the Packer team,
especially to Ms. Valdez and her boys from Bonn Association (ASA Training takes deportation), without which we would get moderate forces in dire straits. The beds were really heavy The funding, especially the further transport is secured by two really great
Events, so our second game night activity and by a moving Sunday Afternoon with the Evergreen Choir. With a little luck in clearing in Ghana it is also another toilet in it, and the start of the regular nursing care.

Impressions of the events

Spieleabend Benefizkonzert Containerbeladung

January 2012

First of all I wish all supporters a happy and healthy new year. I must confess that the last entry is unfortunately quite a while ago . It is actually not so easy to keep track with all the events. The last months were , in fact, very rich and successful in terms of providing the care aids and their shipping . It really happened: at 28.1. It started with loading the container. Here we got support from the ASA organisation (training held deportation) providing some helpers. A month later, then it goes on to Ghana . This was the way in the last few months : Well shortly after the Deutschlandfest , where we had the honor to work with our association and its accosiated we got an interview in the local paper in the General -Anzeiger Bonn. This brought us the friendship of the Rainbow Choir , who has blessed us with a beautiful donation. Before that we had our first game evening. Unfortunatly it was not as well attended as we had hoped , but those who were there made ​​it so much fun that was called for a repetition. That was appreciated and we scheduled a second  activity charity game night at Heinz Doerks House, Bonn. Two days later , there is still another benefit concert , this time with the Evergreen Choir at St. Cyprian , Adenauer Allee in Bonn. Very moving was of course our contribution to the Christmas markets in Bonn and Godesberg. In Bonn we had together with the association Bonn Cape Coast and ANDO , in Godesberg we were allowed for 2 days occupy the booth of the Marketing Association Bad Godesberg. That brings us back roughly up to date I would like to thank all those who have in the past year so generous and actively supported and put their trust in us.

Activitys 2011

Oktober 2011

First, I wish you all a happy and healthy new year.
I must confess that the last entry is unfortunately quite a while back.
It’s actually not that easy to keep pace with all the events.
The last months were, in fact, very rich and successful in terms of providing nursing aids, and shipping. It’s really done: at 28.1. We will start with the load. Here are the
Association (ASA Training takes deportation) with some support assistants.
A month later, we will be off Ghana. This is the journey we have been on in the last month:
We had the honor of our club and its concern presented by the General-Anzeiger Bonn
This has earned us the friendship of the Rainbow Choir, who has endowed us with a nice donation. The first game evening was not so well attended as hoped, but those who were there confirm that it was so much fun, that a repetition was demanded. We have complied with the request, and so is Activity back on Jan 20, with the second charity game night at Heinz Doerks House (18 clock), Joachimstr. Bonn. Two days later, there is another benefit concert, this time with the Evergreen Choir at St. Cyprian, Adenauerallee in Bonn.
Very moving was also our involvement in the Christmas market in Bonn & Returns Godesberg. In Bonn, we had a great week together with the Twinning Association
Bonn, Cape Coast and ANDO, in Godesberg, we were allowed 2 days of the club hut
Marketing Association of Bad Godesberg show.
So,  roughly, we were back up to date I would like to thank everbody who has supported us last year so generously and actively
Have confidence in us.

Summer 2011

Our presentation on the market of options on 01 July in Bonn has met with great interest among the resident care organizations. Contacting the Deutsche Welle in Bonn to discuss ways of supporting. The construction of the pilot toilet is started. We hope soon to get some photos. After completion, we can then tackle an entire construction phase. Also the construction of nursing care are working intensively on the part of Wenchi Methodist Hospital. Here, however, we still lack a sponsor. Our collections for the container are progressing well.

Fall 2011

Traveled to Ghana to do analysis in Wenchi. About 100 persons were interviewed. Very great support in our development work we learn by through the AWO specialist service for migration and integration. Together we advertise for used nursing aids. We also got storage facilities. Defining our first projects based on the results of the Ghana Travel: 1 Construction of toilets Kvit 2 Compilation of a container with tools 3 Construction of a nursing care 4 In the long term construction of a day care center, the collection of donations for Easter and Mother’s Day bring the capital to build a model toilet together as a pilot project.

Bonn, den 05.02.2012