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AltenHilfe Afrika – Thats how you can help

If you want to support us, there are plenty options: Certainly we will welcome everybody who likes to work with us. Just give us a call. Or you are prepared to donate a certain amount. That can be done by bank transfer to our account:

Konto: 3 003 945 013 BLZ: 380 601 86 IBAN: DE37 3806 0186 3003 9450 13             BIC: GENODED1BRS Volksbank Rhein Sieg eG

Registered as a non profit organisation at local court Bonn VR9339 A really great way to contribute the boost donations platform. Use at your Online shopping a small detour via the boost button below and go from there from the purchasing platform of your choice. Then we will purchase a commission, when you tell it in connection to your purchase. Or use the search engine “Benefind” There are no additional costs: