Ghana trip November 2014

On November 8, it was finally time again for a four weeks trip to  Ghana. We were accompanied for 10 days by Beatrice Remmert and Wolfgang Stasche from AWO District Association Wiesbaden, to support us in the conceptual design of the project. The program in accordance was well filled with meetings and visits.

In Accra we met the Wenchi District Member of Parliament in the House. He gave us an interesting insight view into development of the country. Also in Accra, we were able to visit a privately operated day care center. Although our approach is slightly different, this encounter confirmed that we are on the right track.

In Wenchi, we were able to get a picture of the building of the day care center and hand over to our enjoyment a regular donation, so that we will able to continue building. Some of the clients could be supplied with rollators, wheel chairs and toilet chairs again.

In addition, two actions were launched, which will serve the educational work among the youth. This is to lectures in schools and an initiative of the Methodist hospital, where the adolescent should be motivate to take care of an old person in their neighborhood. Much to our delight, there was the offer of our companionship to invite one of the Wenchi workers to come to Wiesbaden in summer this year, so they can learn about the care services for seniors here.

Finally there was an encounter with a retired physiotherapist who runs a rehabilitation center with a workshop in Sunyani and was delighted about our work and would like to cooperate with us.