Ghana trip 2022 Friday at the day care center

It was finally possible to travel to Ghana again without much effort. In addition to meetings with the new management of the Methodist Hospital, the program also included the exchange of information with the head of the social welfare department of the city of Wenchi, and of course the inventory of the state of the day care center after the Corona years. We can still carry out vital function tests in the day care center and offer nutritional advice. Three volunteers take care of the visitors of the center. The building is intact, but popularity has decreased during the Corona period. During our visit we were able to advance 3 things that improve the status of the day care center: First the perception by a large information sign. A positive effect can already be seen shortly after installation. As a result more visitors are coming again to the center again. Then there is the accessibility, on the one hand for information through a private telephone, on the other hand through a transport option by Okada (TucTuc) at a reduced price during opening hours on request.

Das Team des Day Care Centers
Das neues Hinweisschild
Beim Administrator im Wenchi Methodist hospital
Beim Wenchi social welfare office