Activities 2018


Here is a summary of the activities 2018:

The day care center finally got a power connection. In addition, railings and handrails were attached.

WP_20181217_09_13_08_Pro  IMG-20180909-WA0001   IMG-20180909-WA0005   IMG-20180909-WA0003

We were especially pleased that we were able to drill a well for the facility with the support of Engagement Global and install a tank. We are now independent from the unreliable water supply.

IMG-20180730-WA0004   Pumpen 1   WP_20181217_09_13_13_Pro

Es konnten weitere Einrichtungsgegenstände angeschafft werden, bzw wurden gespendet, wie Stühle, Pflegebett, Spiele und Fernseher.

WP_20181221_12_30_54_Pro   WP_20181221_12_29_31_Pro

Furthermore, there were more wheelchairs and nursing aids to distribute. This also benefited disabled young people.


WP_20181221_17_51_12_Pro   WP_20181221_17_50_20_Pro

And there is now a nurse and three helpers who regularly check vital functions. That meets with great interest.

IMG-20190209-WA0001   IMG-20190215-WA0004      IMG-20190215-WA0001  

   IMG-20190209-WA0002   IMG-20190215-WA0002

Day care center operating

After 4 years of construction, the day-care center Wenchi, Ghana, was handed over to its destination. It was agreed to name it after the deceased brother of the chairman of AHA, who at the time made the acquisition of the plot possible. Therefore, it is now called Akwaboah house.

On two weekends, the building was presented to the traditional council and to the elderly registered and cared for by the local NGO. Also present was a representative of the main sponsor, AWO Kreisverband Wiesbaden.

Now first activities can start. First, meeting days are set up. In the next stage education about hygiene and nutritional counseling should be offered. Still open is the concept about the catering offer.

Certainly there are still some remaining work to do on the building, as well as to get some equipment. For this we ask for further support. Furthermore, the drilling of a well is planned to ensure the supply of water, because there is a connection to the public network, but currently water supply is limited to two days of the week.

Day care center Front Ansicht  Eingangsbereich  Eingangsbeschriftung

Front view and entrance

Trad. Zeremonie  Aufenthaltsraum  Aufenthaltsraum

Traditional ceremony and multi purpose room

Aufenthaltsraum  Aufenthaltsraum  Ruheraum

Multi purpose- and rest room

Veranda  Küche  Zugang Toilette und Waschraum

Veranda                              Kitchen                                Aisle to toilet and shower

Gesamt Gelände

View of the compound

Ghana visit 2016

For the second time, we traveled with our friends Beatrice Remmert and Heini Staub from AWO Kreisverband Wiesbaden Ghana to inform us about the construction progress of the Day care center and to organize further measures concerning the operation of the facility. We succeeded in finding suitable staff as well as in establishing a cooperation with the Methodist Hospital, which supports us in training and operation.

In addition, we were able to hold consultations on health education, as well as training in the correct management of nursing aids.

Last but not least, there was a visit to a physiotherapist in Sunyani, who also has a small workshop for prostheses.

0001-88    0001-84   0001-86

Coordinate with the community nurse Cecilia Yeboah and her nurses on the training of caring relatives and the volunteer staff as well as regulations for the operation of the day.

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Also the handling with the walker wants to be learned. Consultations are also held.

0001-108 0001-112 0001-118  0001-114 0001-118     wp_20161118_11_16_56_pro  wp_20161118_11_17_43_pro 

Pictures of the building and in the following you can see that we finally hung up our donation tiles from the charity buffet.


Ongoing work on the day care center Ghana trip 2015

Meanwhile, the first 3 rooms (rest rooms, stay / meeting facilities) are completed. The next step is now the toilet facility. This could then start with the first small events of operation. To achieve this, we need more donations. Therefore, at this point, the request for support. Any donation is welcome.
In addition, this year we were able to distribute plenty of wheelchairs and rollers  to needy old people, which we had stored the last time. We were confronted with moving fates. Many suffer from loneliness or being neglected by imobility.
IMG_1378            IMG_1380

Here are the latest picture from the construction place:

    IMG_1478    IMG_1441   IMG_1443

IMG_1447    IMG_1446   IMG_1445

Ghana trip November 2014

On November 8, it was finally time again for a four weeks trip to  Ghana. We were accompanied for 10 days by Beatrice Remmert and Wolfgang Stasche from AWO District Association Wiesbaden, to support us in the conceptual design of the project. The program in accordance was well filled with meetings and visits.

In Accra we met the Wenchi District Member of Parliament in the House. He gave us an interesting insight view into development of the country. Also in Accra, we were able to visit a privately operated day care center. Although our approach is slightly different, this encounter confirmed that we are on the right track.

In Wenchi, we were able to get a picture of the building of the day care center and hand over to our enjoyment a regular donation, so that we will able to continue building. Some of the clients could be supplied with rollators, wheel chairs and toilet chairs again.

In addition, two actions were launched, which will serve the educational work among the youth. This is to lectures in schools and an initiative of the Methodist hospital, where the adolescent should be motivate to take care of an old person in their neighborhood. Much to our delight, there was the offer of our companionship to invite one of the Wenchi workers to come to Wiesbaden in summer this year, so they can learn about the care services for seniors here.

Finally there was an encounter with a retired physiotherapist who runs a rehabilitation center with a workshop in Sunyani and was delighted about our work and would like to cooperate with us.


Ein ganz großes Danke schön!

Help old people in Africa  we will tell you how this is possible

At this point we would like to express our sincerely gratitute to those who supported us in the past 2 months so actively and generously in our actions. From games evening, benefit concert to our Ghanaian snack at the International Begegnungsfest it was an exhausting, but also beautiful time. Our goal, we are thus again a good deal closer. Currently we are waiting for the most accurate quote for the roof of the day care center. In the meantime, it was possible again to send  a whole lot of care tools to our partners including 7 hospital beds and wheelchairs and diverse. More material is still waiting in the warehouse on its consignment. Furthermore, we were able to make contact to two persons / organizations, who are committed to the care of the elderly in Africa, more specifically Uganda. These are firstly the Help for old people in Uganda, as well as the Nyumba ya Wazee seniors home, which is managed from Belgium. We are excited about this growth.


December 2013 Day care center

December 2013

Bonn  Christmas market 2013

Also this year we again had the opportunity, along with our friends from association Bonn – Cape Coast to present ourselves at the Bonn Christmas Market and promote our business. Many thanks to all who helped.


Day care center – Tagesstätte

So, finally ready to go . The construction of the day care center begins with the fabrication of the of the blocks. As wew are in Africa, the desired date September unfortunately could not be held, as it did come to some confusion regarding the property. But Lucy could solve this with plenty engagmenent and tenacity during her trip in October , In addition she was abel, to present our work to our guest, Alisa a student from Berlin. Hopefully more about that after christmas. Christie is retired now and can fully devote her work on the project. The office and warehouse is operating and has been well received . For November 2014, we want to tra to get a small group of nurses together that will accompany us to Ghana where we hope to train caring family members and/or people eho are generally interested and of course for themselves to make exciting experiences. Whoever is interested can register by mail or call for more information


D1_01    D2_01

                    Site plan                                                             House plan

Frontseite   Rear

                    Front view                                                          Back view

Impressions of the construction site and the local work


Summer 2013 – KVIT Toilet supported by Engagement Global

Summer 2013

At the end of April we had our tasty benefiz buffet, where we also introduced our stone donation action:
One donates an amount and receives a symbolic stone in the form of
of toys chunk of wood. In addition, his name is written on a tile, They
will be inserted later in the day-care centre as a mosaic. The event produced a
Plus from approx. 500 euros. The good news which reached us at the same time was even more joyfully:
German Embassy in Accra will support the project within the scope their means.
Afterwards we went to Ghana to control our toilet project that the state of NRW and
Engagement Global supported.
In addition, we were finally handed over to the office and started operation
Hardly back was already the International Begegnungstag in Bonn on the program, where
we presented ourselves together with our fellow club partnership Bonn Cape Coast.

Impressions of the office for the  HAA NGO und and the toilet project supported by Engagement Global GmbH and the federal state North rhine westfalia

Neue Bilder

vom Büro

in Wenchi


und von der


hier: Regalaufbau




Day care center June 2013

Again, we are well on the way: The starting capital is applied and a real plan is now drawn as well. But this is unfortunately not yet available electronically, so we must be satisfied with the original sketch. The first material is already bought, but the construction will take place from personal reasons until after the school holidays. This includes images from avisierten land and our office building.