Outlook 2013

We wish everybody a happy new year. The old year ended with three positive events. First, we received the first version of the plan for our day care center in Wenchi , and the preliminary cost estimate. We can now go on in our financing campaign . Our partners of HAA  approached already to the German embassy to ask for a grant under the funding for small projects.

Also, we have not been idle and have scheduled a benefit buffet namely on April 26 at the Heinz Doerks house during the week of the Bonn elderly. On this occasion we would like to sell personal building blocks for the center.

Then we caught up , so to speak as a Christmas gift the commitment of the GIZ NRW to promote our toilet construction. And finally, we had 15 great great days at our booth at the Bonn Christmas Market, where we could present ourselves together with our friendly clubs the  association Bonn- Cape Coast and ANDO Modular.

For the 11 Mai  a three -week trip to Ghana already booked. There we are again expecting busy and exciting days with our partner NGO . On this occasion we would then intensify our cooperation.


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