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Help old people in Africa  we tell you how this is possible!

Training trip 2014

Now that the construction of the day care center accepts contours, we would like to tackle the next level and fill the whole thing with life: We are seeking from the field of care professionals who would like to travel with us  to Ghana to teach caring relatives there and our instruct local partners. The date for the trip is scheduled for November 2014. Anyone who is interested to get involved in something new and exciting, please register with us for the details.

Next dates:

On April 11 from 18:00 clock will finally come back a game night (Activity).                Location is as usual the Heinz Doerks house in the Joachimstr. 10-12, Bonn                       

For Mai 11th we are planning is a benefit concert with the Evergreen Choir.                     The exact dates will be announced