Activitys 2011

Oktober 2011

First, I wish you all a happy and healthy new year.
I must confess that the last entry is unfortunately quite a while back.
It’s actually not that easy to keep pace with all the events.
The last months were, in fact, very rich and successful in terms of providing nursing aids, and shipping. It’s really done: at 28.1. We will start with the load. Here are the
Association (ASA Training takes deportation) with some support assistants.
A month later, we will be off Ghana. This is the journey we have been on in the last month:
We had the honor of our club and its concern presented by the General-Anzeiger Bonn
This has earned us the friendship of the Rainbow Choir, who has endowed us with a nice donation. The first game evening was not so well attended as hoped, but those who were there confirm that it was so much fun, that a repetition was demanded. We have complied with the request, and so is Activity back on Jan 20, with the second charity game night at Heinz Doerks House (18 clock), Joachimstr. Bonn. Two days later, there is another benefit concert, this time with the Evergreen Choir at St. Cyprian, Adenauerallee in Bonn.
Very moving was also our involvement in the Christmas market in Bonn & Returns Godesberg. In Bonn, we had a great week together with the Twinning Association
Bonn, Cape Coast and ANDO, in Godesberg, we were allowed 2 days of the club hut
Marketing Association of Bad Godesberg show.
So,  roughly, we were back up to date I would like to thank everbody who has supported us last year so generously and actively
Have confidence in us.

Summer 2011

Our presentation on the market of options on 01 July in Bonn has met with great interest among the resident care organizations. Contacting the Deutsche Welle in Bonn to discuss ways of supporting. The construction of the pilot toilet is started. We hope soon to get some photos. After completion, we can then tackle an entire construction phase. Also the construction of nursing care are working intensively on the part of Wenchi Methodist Hospital. Here, however, we still lack a sponsor. Our collections for the container are progressing well.

Fall 2011

Traveled to Ghana to do analysis in Wenchi. About 100 persons were interviewed. Very great support in our development work we learn by through the AWO specialist service for migration and integration. Together we advertise for used nursing aids. We also got storage facilities. Defining our first projects based on the results of the Ghana Travel: 1 Construction of toilets Kvit 2 Compilation of a container with tools 3 Construction of a nursing care 4 In the long term construction of a day care center, the collection of donations for Easter and Mother’s Day bring the capital to build a model toilet together as a pilot project.

Bonn, den 05.02.2012